Mad Max- Fury Road Action May 19th, 2015
The Magdalene Sisters Drama September 15th, 2003
A Male Chauvinist Combo Drama October 17th, 2018
Man On Fire Thriller April 28th, 2004
Man On The Train Drama May 25th, 2003
Man on Wire Drama October 17th, 2008
Manchester by the Sea Drama February 19th, 2017
The Manchurian Candidate Thriller July 31st, 2004
Mandela-Long Walk to Freedom Drama September 25th, 2013
March of the Penguins Documentary August 28th, 2005
Margin Call Drama November 4th, 2011
Margot At The Wedding Drama December 22nd, 2007
Maria, Full of Grace Drama August 18th, 2004
Marley Documentary May 7th, 2012
Marooned In Iraq Drama July 3rd, 2003
The Master Drama October 8th, 2012
Master &Commander Drama November 15th, 2003
Match Point Drama January 29th, 2006
Matchstick Men Drama September 28th, 2003
McFarland Drama March 5th, 2015
Me & You & Everyone We Know Comedy November 1st, 2005
Memories of Murder Thriller March 11th, 2007
Merci Pour Le Chocolat Drama September 16th, 2002
Meru Documentary September 7th, 2015
Miami Vice Thriller July 30th, 2006
Michael Clayton Drama October 14th, 2007
Midnight In Paris Comedy July 2nd, 2011
A Mighty Heart Drama July 7th, 2007
A Mighty Wind Comedy April 28th, 2003
Milk Drama February 6th, 2009
Million Dollar Baby Drama January 2nd, 2004
Millions Drama April 23rd, 2005
Mindhunters Thriller May 17th, 2005
Minority Report Thriller June 23rd, 2002
Miracle Drama February 12th, 2004
Miss Sloane Drama December 15th, 2016
The Missing Drama December 17th, 2003
Mission Impossible 4 Thriller January 13th, 2012
Mission Impossible III Thriller May 7th, 2006
Molly's Game Drama February 5th, 2018
Mongol Drama August 7th, 2008
Monster Drama February 5th, 2004
Monuments Men Drama February 19th, 2014
Moolaade Drama November 19th, 2004
Moonlight Drama December 16th, 2016
Moonlight Mile Drama January 10th, 2002
Morning Sun Documentary November 4th, 2003
Moscow, Belgium Comedy June 6th, 2009
Most Overrated Movies Commentary June 30th, 2009
A Most Violent Year Drama January 28th, 2015
A Most Wanted Man Drama August 8th, 2014
Mostly Martha Comedy December 13th, 2002
The Motorcycle Diaries Drama October 27th, 2004
Mountain Patrol Drama April 16th, 2006
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Thriller June 15th, 2005
Mr. Holmes Drama July 26th, 2015
Mud Drama May 29th, 2013
The Mule Drama December 21st, 2018
Munich Drama December 29th, 2005
Murderball Documentary August 10th, 2005
Must Love Dogs Comedy August 19th, 2005
My Brother is an Only Child Drama July 17th, 2008
My Worst Nightmare Comedy October 10th, 2012
Mysterious Skin Drama May 22nd, 2005
Mystic River Thriller October 16th, 2003