Angels & Demons Mystery May 17th, 2009
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Mystery November 11th, 2007
The Black Dahlia Mystery September 28th, 2006
Blood Work Mystery September 22nd, 2002
Breaking News Mystery October 24th, 2004
Brick Mystery April 7th, 2006
Classe Tous Risque Mystery November 22nd, 2005
Comedy of Power Mystery February 3rd, 2007
Crimson Gold Mystery November 5th, 2003
Derailed Mystery November 21st, 2005
Edge of Darkness Mystery February 4th, 2010
The Fallen Idol Mystery February 26th, 2006
Ghost Writer Mystery March 9th, 2010
Gone Baby Gone Mystery December 14th, 2007
Hollywoodland Mystery September 13th, 2006
I, Robot Mystery July 22nd, 2004
Inside Man Mystery March 31st, 2006
Inspector Bellamy Mystery December 20th, 2010
Red Lights Mystery October 26th, 2004
Righteous Kill Mystery September 14th, 2008
Runaway Jury Mystery October 27th, 2003
Swimming Pool Mystery September 16th, 2003
Twisted Mystery February 29th, 2004
Zodiac Mystery March 9th, 2007