The Baader-Meinhoff Complex Drama December 19th, 2009
Babel Drama November 28th, 2006
Bad Education Drama December 20th, 2004
Bad Santa Comedy December 14th, 2003
The Bank Job Thriller March 30th, 2008
Batman Begins Thriller June 22nd, 2005
Beasts of the Southern Wild Drama February 17th, 2013
Beautiful Boy Drama November 8th, 2018
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Mystery November 11th, 2007
Belle Drama June 10th, 2014
Bend It Like Beckham Comedy March 29th, 2003
Bernie Comedy May 10th, 2012
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Drama May 20th, 2012
The Best of Youth Drama May 11th, 2005
A Better Life Drama February 17th, 2012
The Bid Short Drama January 11th, 2016
The Big Bounce Thriller February 4th, 2004
Big Fish Drama January 17th, 2004
Birdman Drama November 25th, 2014
Birth Drama November 1st, 2004
Black Book Thriller May 12th, 2007
The Black Dahlia Mystery September 28th, 2006
Black Mass Drama September 22nd, 2015
The Blind Side Drama November 24th, 2009
Blood Diamond Drama December 17th, 2006
Blood Work Mystery September 22nd, 2002
Bloody Sunday Drama February 16th, 2003
Blue Jasmine Drama August 25th, 2013
Bobby Drama December 27th, 2006
Body of Lies Thriller October 13th, 2008
Bohemian Rhapsody Drama November 22nd, 2018
Bon Voyage Thriller May 15th, 2004
The Book Thief Drama December 15th, 2013
Born Into Brothels Documentary December 21st, 2004
Bottle Shock Comedy September 12th, 2008
The Bourne Legacy Thriller August 12th, 2012
The Bourne Supremacy Thriller July 24th, 2004
The Bourne Ultimatum Thriller August 4th, 2007
The Brave One Thriller September 17th, 2007
Breach Thriller March 17th, 2007
The Break-up Comedy June 6th, 2006
Breaking and Entering Drama December 31st, 2006
Breaking News Mystery October 24th, 2004
Brick Mystery April 7th, 2006
Bridge of Spies Drama October 18th, 2015
Brighton Rock Thriller June 28th, 2009
Brokeback Mountain Drama December 15th, 2005
Broken Flowers Comedy August 27th, 2005
Brooklyn Drama December 7th, 2015
Brothers Drama May 19th, 2005
Bus 174 Documentary October 13th, 2003