The November Man

August, 2014, Action

Six years ago, then 56 year-old Liam Neeson starred in Taken, a bloody but hypnotic thriller about an ex-secret agent who rescues his daughter from a gang of Middle Eastern white slavers.  The movie generated sufficient box-office to produce a sequel two years ago, with a third iteration due out next year.

 Does this mean that an aging actor really can support yet another movie franchise? That must have been the logic behind casting 4 times James Bond lead Pierce Brosnan at age 63 as – guess what - yet another aging agent called out of retirement to rescue his ex-wife & mother of his 12 year old daughter from the clutches of a Russian candidate maneuvering to succeed Vladimir Putin.

 Australian director Roger Donaldson, who’s been turning out action films for more than a quarter of a century (The Bank Job,No Way Out, The Recruit) takes a hackneyed script, a gaggle of forgettable supporting actors, lots of firepower and tops it all off with Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko in a shrink-wrapped, sequined dress 2 or 3 sizes too small even for her wraith-like figure. Brosnan, firing a pistol with apparently limitless capacity, soldiers on to the climax, relying on the director’s ability to keep the action flowing at a pitch sufficient to cover a considerable number of holes in the plot.

 No matter; here’s a formulaic melodrama, perfect accompaniment to a bag of popcorn and a tall soda.

 The Verdict? The end of summer never looked quite so forgettable.

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