Perfect Stranger

May, 2007, Thriller

Directed by:James Foley

Starring:Halle Berry</br>Bruce Willis</br> Giovanni Ribisi

The only interesting use to which this movie could be put would lie in trying to ascertain out how so much talent could have been put to such little use. Director James Foley, (who did a masterful job bringing David Mamet’s incendiary play Glengarry Glen Ross to the screen) works here with Halle Berry, winner of a Best Actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball. In this asinine thriller, she plays a journalist who goes undercover as an office temp in an advertising agency run by Bruce Willis in order to unearth his role in the death of her childhood friend. She’s aided by a techno-geek (Giovanni Ribsi) who effortlessly invades countless computer systems on her behalf only to finally confess that he’s actually framing Willis…all this before a final plot twist which makes absolutely no sense at all…

The script, performances and cinematography are deserve each other…and audiences deserve something much more professional from this collection of talent.

The verdict? Perfect Stranger is a perfect dud. 

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