Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit

February, 2014, Thriller


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

 British actor/director Kenneth Branagh plays a sinister Russian oligarch determined to destroy America’s financial system in this competent and fast-paced thriller that contains all the standard elements of the spy without alas, anything new to distinguish it from its peers.

 The likeable Chris Pine plays a CIA hotshot who’s whisked off to Moscow after he detects a series of suspicious financial transactions coursing through the currency trading activities of a major Russian corporation controlled by Branagh. Under the watchful eye of his handler, (nicely underplayed by Kevin Costner) Pine employs hand-to-hand combat, breaking and entering, code breaking and lethal car chases in getting to the source of the intended market manipulation, offering Pine’s character the opportunity to worry about his physician/fiancée (Keira Knightly) before returning to Wall Street in time to eviscerate a deadly plot designed to destroy America’s financial strength with a terrorist plot to blow up most of downtown Manhattan while Russian financiers simultaneously short the dollar.

 Like other outings in this genre, audiences are presumed to have great capacity for suspension of belief - - with that in mind, Jack Ryan is a perfectly serviceable entry in this series although its lack of originality will relegate it to T.V. very quickly.

 The Verdict-Serviceable genre material with a solid cast and all the requisite tension a good thriller requires. 

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