September, 2003, Drama

Directed by:Todd Graff

Starring:Daniel Letterle , Joanna Chilcoat , Robin de Jesus , Tiffany Taylor , Don Dixon , and Sasha Allen

The premise is bright; a summer training camp for kids who desperately want to get into showbiz--mainly because they're social outcasts in that world of rigid teenage conformity which visits each succeeding generation of adolescents with rules of conduct and behavior as weird as those employed by their parents. These pimple-faced aspiring thespians are overweight or gay or geeks; (and sometimes all three) but they dance, sing and dream with all the intensity of seasoned professionals. A cast of highly talented unknowns present some terrific musical numbers, but the plot and characters are amateurish beyond the bounds of the viewer's patience, and even the cameo appearance of Stephen Sondheim at the climatic final show can't save this one. 

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