Assassination Tango

May, 2003, Thriller

Directed by:Robert Duvall

Starring:Robert Duvall, Rubén Blades, and Kathy Baker

What was Robert Duval thinking? After his brilliant turn as writer/director/actor in True Believer, Duval now offers this self-absorbed examination of the tango, (the current personal passion of this truly great actor) masquerading as a political thriller.

Duvall plays a thin-skinned hit man from Long Island who inexplicably winds up in Argentina to do in an army general accused of ordering the deaths of innocent civilians. The plot is both absurd and indecipherable; on top of that, Duval inserts an endless series of dance sequences that look as though they were simply excerpted from another movie.

America's master character-actor succeeds here in something he's previously been incapable of--using mannerisms and speech patterns which make him stick out rather than blend in, a sharp distinction from the skills he has so often demonstrated in earlier films.

To add insult to injury, Duval inserts his current real-life sweetie into the heart of the film; her amateurish performance finally sinks what was already partially submerged.

The Verdict? Don't waste your time.

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